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    tapuPS3 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebomb View Post
    HI guys. Here is GT5 (BCES00569) 2.08 update fixed. Install ALL 18 official updates, (including 2.08) and then my 2.08 crack package. Works flawlessly! Happy racing!
    thank you , i love this game. I was waiting for someone to fix this updates. The updates are included ?

  2. #6192
    Bluebomb Guest
    No the updates aren't included. You can use aldostools PS3 Game updater, to download them.

  3. #6193
    Daveyshamble501 Guest

    Resident Evil ORC (EURO) CEX 3.55 FIX (SORT OF)

    Hi everyone, The other night I was poking around REORC and managed to get the game to boot up, you get the logo's and the select screen then the player select, but the game wont start and theres no sound, I know what your thinking why did he bother to post this in the first place ? well I need some help to fix this, ive only got so far as my knowledge on this only goes so far.

    So i've done the hard bit would someone be kind enough to take over, I know a lot of people have been waiting for this game... I have fixed the PRAM.SFO to 3.40 and changed some parts of the E-BOOT in hex as well as the SPRX files (I think it needs an install.pkg), PATBAT's fix didnt work and when I looked at it there were several things missing and had to start again but he was close. So there you go would someone be our hero and pick up were I left off... Thanks for Reading.

    Here is the dowload link for what I have done so far...


  4. #6194
    KirasiN91 Guest
    Ah, seems like there's a Tokyo Jungle fix for the Asian retail version. No fix for the PSN release though.

  5. #6195
    Bluebomb Guest
    Here is COD Black Ops 1.13 update crack. Install official 1.13 update, then my crack package. Happy Shooting!

    http://rghost.net/41366314 I will be working on updates. It takes a little time so please be patient and I will post only working fixes here for you!

  6. #6196
    kalaner Guest
    Is there anyone working on this?

  7. #6197
    Bluebomb Guest
    Here is Red Dead Redemption V1.07. No need to install the official update. Simply install my V1.07 crack package and enjoy!


    Also, my update fixes should work on 3.41 as well. If someone is on 3.41, could you please test to confirm? Thanks

  8. #6198
    rc4evr Guest
    I came across this: Some games have the new SDAT version 4.0.0 that we don't have public tools out for. We have to decrypted them in a higher firmware than 3.55 and reencrypt with an old sdk to make it work.

    All those games that nobody can patch like Dead or Alive 5, Starhawk, NBA 2k13 to mention a few thats the problem they have. That is sony's latest weapon to stop piracy.

    I wasn't aware of this, other than some games seemed impossible to fix. So I guess this explains why, but my least favorite game is the waiting one!

  9. #6199
    dreekuuh Guest
    Hi, You have to install the games on your internal HDD, juse ftp to get in the map where the eboot is.And resign it with eboot resigner for 4.21cfw you have to take option 2! then replace the eboot you just signed! that's all

    does somebody have the psn links for resident evil chroniclesHD us/eu?

  10. #6200
    Bluebomb Guest
    Here is ModNation Racers V1.11. Install official update, then my crack package. Happy Modding! http://rghost.net/41370466

    Here is Dead Island V1.04. Install official update, then my crack package. http://rghost.net/41371352

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