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  1. #6161
    rc4evr Guest
    I give credit where it's due, pal. If a non-working, non-scene fix isn't working for me, I take issue and will kindly let those responsible know about it. I didn't personally call out private's latest error. It's a waste of my time and anyone else who experiences the same failures from all these bogus fixes we're seeing.

    There's been an inordinate amount of these so-called "fixes" being posted by rookies who think they know what their doing and it's gotten out of hand. Granted, privat's original fix is apparently working for some people, but not me. Sorry if you thought I was "poking" you, that wasn't my intention. BTW, next time you quote me, include everything I said.

    That last post by you quoting me incompletely is kind of unfair, eh? I'm not commenting any further on this subject, so do what you want when you want to. If I remember right, you had a fix you posted a while back that was useless and I got burned by it. I know nobody's perfect and I encourage you, privat, and anyone else trying to make fixes to keep at it. Just PLEASE thoroughly test them before posting. Have a good day, sir.

  2. #6162
    rc4evr Guest
    Thanks for the post, but why do people password their files? It seems to me to be a form of spamming? Reason I ask is because I don't see anyone else doing it here. Thanks again and keep 'em coming!

  3. #6163
    pedromaiaz Guest
    Well said!...

  4. #6164
    rc4evr Guest
    Has anyone tried with success the unlocked DLC for Red Dead Redemption posted by evilpdor back on page 616? What exactly do you get with this particular DLC? Thanks!

    Is this the "Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack" or possibly the Undead Nightmare DLC? I wiki'd the game and the last one they list is the M&M one. Thank you.

  5. #6165
    evilpdor Guest
    I post only working files tested by me!

    you unlock the same things can be played in the standalone rdr undead nightmare! but only in 1.7GB dlc update.

  6. #6166
    rc4evr Guest
    Cool, I have both RDR's so now I can delete the Undead one & save some space! Thanks again.

  7. #6167
    onibox Guest
    PLZ PLZ!!! Fix Darksider 2 DLC's!!! PLLLZZ!! Pretty plz!! Orc Sad

  8. #6168
    furientez Guest
    there are two releases of the game cladenstine and ANTiDOTE... I tested the fix succesfully with ANTiDOTE release... maybe yours is the cladenstine release?

    and privat's fix is valid and working... I have more than 15 reports from 3.41 and 3.55 users that it works fine with no problems...

  9. #6169
    Tek9 Guest
    works with both US and BLES i tested it myself cheers to Privat for making it work

  10. #6170
    rc4evr Guest
    Ya the game ID isn't the problem, I don't believe. Especially since someone posted a few pages back that his clandestine version was working fine. It's probably my antiquated dongle or something. There's a new version darkebootfixer just out that's suppose to be good with titles up to f/w 4.31, so maybe I'll give that a go when I get around to it. Thank you for your input.

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