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  1. #6151
    oldirtysingh Guest
    Anyone got DBZ HD collection fix working? Mine loads to main menu but whines about unable to save.

  2. #6152
    privat Guest
    I do not game BLUS30750, i could not tested.

    Let me know this fix for vs. BLUS RACCON CITY if work:


  3. #6153
    Bluebomb Guest
    Hi guys. If you need the fix for RE ORC, just use privat's fix for BLES. Rename your PARAM to BLES01288, and simply replace the EBOOT, and 5 .sprx files within the dll folder. I did this and it works like a charm. Thanks privat!

  4. #6154
    rc4evr Guest
    Ya I did all that and it hard locks for me after a few minutes of gameplay when pausing, then using the game's menu option to exit. Also tried several different multiMAN parameters and had the same exact failed result. Waiting for a proper fix, unless someone's got a solution. Anyone else have this glitch?

  5. #6155
    catalinnc Guest
    this will never work... you forget to edit the fw check from 370 to 340 in eboot.bin...

  6. #6156
    rc4evr Guest
    This means you know how to fix it then? Go for it, no one else seems to be able to figure this one out.

  7. #6157
    catalinnc Guest
    i can't hijack his work... lets give him the oportunity to fix this...

  8. #6158
    rc4evr Guest
    Oh I see, you don't know how to fix it either, lol. I've got the original BLUS files at my disposal if you want to give it a shot, you wouldn't be hijacking anybody's work, at least. Privat was close, so he'll probably figure things out eventually. Thanks for at least pointing out his mistake.

  9. #6159
    catalinnc Guest
    this type of poking is not working with me and is counterproductive... if privat will not fix it soon i will do it...give him credit for his work...

  10. #6160
    evilpdor Guest
    Red Dead Redemtpion EUR undead nightmare DLC patch unlocked, 500mb link, passwd: multiplayer-italia.com


    From deank: EP0006-BLES01691_00-NHL13PALPATCH003 (rednekcowboy).pkg

    Just install it on top of the official update and let me know how it goes.

    From yongbi: For FIFA 13 Update 1.02 : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/92560533/EBOOT.BIN

    Tell me if it works, also, place it in devhdd0/game/BLESXXXX (yes it is for European version, but i could sign it the same way for the US version, just give me the BLUS code)

    From kilkip: An update getting to work as Disc game EBOOT // self_type=APP ... nice

    [Register or Login to view code]

    for an update it should be SELF-Type [NPDRM Application] -- key rev e.g 1C (4.20)

    i've made a repack PKG, tested OFFLINE, worked fine (only tested 1 match) , if you like to test it pls do and report back how it goes ONLINE.. thx


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