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  1. #6141
    iainbr Guest

    NHL 13 or MLB 12 The Show

    NHL 13 or MLB 12 The Show

    Is there any fixes on these games available yet?


  2. #6142
    testsubject909 Guest
    Thanks for your work private. Please make a fix for the USA version of Operation Raccon City (BLUS30750). Here are the original files:

    Resident Evil ORC BLUS30750 necessary original files:


  3. #6143
    scirea91 Guest

  4. #6144
    digisin Guest
    I can confirm this one is working with the CLANDESTiNE - US-Release

    v3.41, External, NO BD-Mirror nor USB-Patch

    Thank you very much, 'privat' !

  5. #6145
    rc4evr Guest
    Doesn't work properly for me! I played for a few minutes, then paused to exit game within the menu and it hard locked/rebooted. I'm 0 for 4 on this friggin' game! It's got pretty low ratings from the critics and actual users, so I guess I'm not out much 'til we get a proper fix. Thanks a lot anyway.

    Have all these fixes been thoroughly tested? I know everyone appreciates the work being done with all these new fixes coming out, but PLEASE indicate in your post their status- meaning are they confirmed as working into actual gameplay, untested, game ID, etc. Thank you!

  6. #6146
    gonzalz9241 Guest
    does anybody know about a fix for zone of enders hd collection or point me in the right direction thanks in advance:-)

  7. #6147
    privat Guest
    Sorry, i do not Starhawk.

  8. #6148
    iavais Guest
    Why is there no Dead or Alive 5 patch ?

  9. #6149
    Fede73 Guest

    Red Face

    I'd like to make the same question!

    Thanks in advance

  10. #6150
    rc4evr Guest
    You can convert the ID yourself. It's not difficult or time consuming. After manually changing the title ID's folder name from BLUSxxxxx to BLESxxxxx, I use "PARAM SFO Editor" & "PS3 DISC SFB edit" which I believe are both from Aldo of "Aldo's Tools" fame. I also rename my replaced original files just in case. Takes less than 3 or 4 minutes.

    My experience was this particular fix didn't work properly and froze at the exiting screen after a few minutes of playing. I seriously don't believe this had anything to do with the game's ID conversion. Other ppl are reporting success with both the US & EU releases. Good luck and have fun.

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