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  1. #6131
    privat Guest
    Fixed, Now yes working! The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 3.55 (BLES01485)


    P.S.: Recommended vs. Repack Vimto.

  2. #6132
    stingray1059 Guest
    i uploaded the wrong file for sims 3 pets earlier.. here is the updated fix.. http://rghost.net/41342381

  3. #6133
    rc4evr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by privat View Post
    Repack REORC and Tested Working!
    I've got the BLUS version and want to know if changing the ID to BLES will work ok? I've had success with other titles doing this, but I know there's always the chance for an exception. Thanks!

  4. #6134
    plamenz Guest
    Same here, many thanks

  5. #6135
    lexxandro Guest
    black screen, how to run it?

  6. #6136
    okynorch Guest
    Thank you, working great

  7. #6137
    scirea91 Guest

  8. #6138
    privat Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lexxandro View Post
    black screen, how to run it?
    Ext + BD Mir + BR insert

    Is recommended vs. Repack Vimto.

  9. #6139
    plamenz Guest
    works great ...you are our hope for working Starhawk fix mate.


  10. #6140
    morenus Guest

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