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    mcwan Guest
    i hope somebody can help me to install this game, [PS3]Dark.Souls.Limited.Edition [EUR] [ENG] [3.55]

    I downloaded the game but in the root folder i see these files:

    Limited Edition Bonus
    [1] Dark Souls [BLES01402] Patch 1.03
    [2] Dark Souls [BLES01402] Patch 1.05
    [3] Dark Souls [BLES01402] 3.55Fix.pkg

    The instruction to install are these,

    1. Copy the game on an external or internal drive
    2. Install all of the distribution of PKG in numerical order:
    [1] Dark Souls [BLES01402] Patch 1.03.pkg
    [2] Dark Souls [BLES01402] Patch 1.05.pkg
    [3] Dark Souls [BLES01402] 3.55Fix.pkg
    Three. Select the game in mM - play

    Which files do i put into the Games folder on my ps3 internal? Do i need to make a folder named BLES/BLUS and the gameID first? I do know that the pkg files i have to put on an usb and then install.

    Thanks in advance

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    stingray1059 Guest
    heres another one from me!

    dynasty warriors 7: Xtreme Legends

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    oldirtysingh Guest
    create a folder with the BLES name on your hdd or usb, games folder. Put the PS3_GAME folder inside it.

    Then install those pkg files by putting it on the root of a usb stick, in order.

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by mcwan View Post
    i hope somebody can help me to install this game
    1) Make A Folder Called BLES01402.
    2) Put PS3_GAME and PS3-DISC.SFB Inside It.
    3) Copy The BLES01402 Folder To GAMES Folder.

    Install This Patch http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...6-V0100-PE.pkg

    4) Install This Package http://www.mediafire.com/?9akd96hioe77viz
    5) Play Game Through Multiman.

    ENJOY You will be able to play online too.

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    hilongo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mcwan View Post
    i hope somebody can help me to install this game
    Hi there mate .... As I see it ... you have to create a folder inside your GAMES folder (Name doesn't matter, but you may want it to be something like BLES01402-DarkSouls) ... Then, inside this folder, you should copy the complete PS3_GAME folder, and the PS3_DISC.SFB file.

    Go to MM and refresh the games list, you should be able to see your game there... I always launch the game before installing any of the updates or fixes, even knowing that it wont run, but you could skip to installing the updates in order and then the fix ...

    Let us know how it went!

  6. #6126
    mcwan Guest
    thanks guys for the quick answers, i was wondering if i could just put the ps3_game folder into internal without a bles/blus folder.

    But i'll do the way you said.

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    oldirtysingh Guest
    Whats people using to create .pkg files?

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    furientez Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by privat View Post
    Repack REORC and Tested Working!

    Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (BLES01288)
    The 'dll' folder goes in USDIR? I found no files to replace, thats why I'm asking...

    lol, nevermind my bad, just found it, thx

  9. #6129
    furientez Guest
    working GREAT like a charm on my sexy 3.41 campaign in new game now proceeds,as it should,no freezing,no black screen!

    awesome work privat, thank you and +rep

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    chayatat Guest

    Assassins Creed III DLC Unlocker problem

    hey ariark i think i got the same problem as you, did you play this game disc-less. if you did that the problem. Try this game with disc, the game will install game data again. so you will have 2 same game data of this game, one for disc-less and another with disc. The unlocker work with the one with disc.

    that what happen to me. oh and you will have to start the game at the beginning again because the save work the same way. hope this help

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