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  1. #6101
    oldirtysingh Guest
    Whats ppl using to fix game updates that come in .pkg files?

    Tried using eboof_fix and mod but dont work.

  2. #6102
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Extract the .pkg, then Fix the Files inside it using Ebootfix/Ebootmod and then Repack it. Simple

  3. #6103
    Rarutoz Guest
    Still no fix for NBA 2K13 ?

  4. #6104
    StanSmith Guest
    I just tried Tokyo Jungle and it cant be decrypted. I'm guessing we will have to put that to one of the games that need new keys or a team like DUPLEX to patch it.

    Tokyo Jungle NPEA00275, its a 3.70 firmware game but it says it cant decrypt the header. Any ideas?

  5. #6105
    lexxandro Guest
    help... fix 3.55 the testament of sherlok holmes bles01485 not work ... black screen with scetool error ... Could not process ... how can I do? ... thanks

  6. #6106
    oldirtysingh Guest
    But i've also got a patch folder in the pkg with files


    how do i fix these? Tried cheating by renaming them to eboot but Eboot just bombs out

  7. #6107
    alexone92 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by PS3Zini View Post
    Thanks man, but don't work (black screen)

  8. #6108
    StanSmith Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oldirtysingh View Post
    how do i fix these? Tried cheating by renaming them to eboot but Eboot just bombs out
    99% of the time you dont need to edit those files. Leave them as they are. Just patch the eboot.bin.

    It all depends on which game to what files to patch. The update 1.01 for NFW Most Wanted is just 1 eboot.bin where AC3 is 3 files, 1 eboot.bin and 2 self files.

  9. #6109
    jsouza2012 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by privat View Post
    I Fixed:

    Tour De France 2011 (BLES-01296)

    Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (BLES01288)
    Someone confirms the operation?

  10. #6110
    Tek9 Guest
    It's a no go tried it and every single fix out there it gets to loading the campaign then black screens on kmeaw cfw 3.55 with latest MultiMan hope that helps

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