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    Quote Originally Posted by kombat75 View Post
    Any link for PES 2013 CFW 3.55 Fix yet ??
    You're lucky... Check here mate:

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    Please .. anyone have THE WALKING DEAD Episode 3 & 4 LINK ?? How i can to unlock my ps3 savedate to work in another profile

    .. i have on my usb PS3/SAVEDATE .. copy it from my ps3 to usb before format my ps3.. and then when i copy Savedata after format to my ps3 .. it's NOT WORK .. show me this problem: you can't load savedata to another profile

    any solution please ???

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    here is my patch of BEN 10 GALACTIC RACING.. tested by me.. use BD-mirror in multiman to work.

    here is 2012 london olympics..

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    Link for Half Life Orange Box requested

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    my new fixes..

    sims 3 pets

    this works but usb reciever is needed.

    i need original dll folder of raccoon city .. i messed up with mine.. can someone upload it.. i'll try to fix it again.

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    I own it on my OFW PS3. I'm downloading it now and will test it out when its finished downloading. It might take a few hours as its over 4GB so I will have to FTP it to the CFW PS3 then install it etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stingray1059 View Post
    my new fixes..
    Stin, original dll raccon..

    X, if i remember, Hl: Orange is 3.41.. dont need a fix bro

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    putting in a request for under defeat hd psn game original game or 3.55 fix thanks!

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