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  1. #6071
    iavais Guest
    So is there a tutorial or a way to fix Sdat files ?

  2. #6072
    kalaner Guest
    Please someone make eboot for Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends - BLES01414 FOR GOD SAKE!!!

  3. #6073
    MSawzall Guest
    News to me. I copied the US disc to external, patched the eboot, param and other files, select-x'ed out of mm, installed the unlocker pkg, booted the game and the messages popped up for unlocked content. Maybe I found a different version of the unlocker than you had... Glad to hear it works for you now though.

  4. #6074
    iavais Guest
    So i tried to fix the EBOOT for DOA 5 and got 8001003C error. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong ?

  5. #6075
    privat Guest
    I Fixed:

    Tour De France 2011 (BLES-01296)

    Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (BLES01288)

  6. #6076
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Could you fix the Mercenaries Maps for RE6 ?

  7. #6077
    benjamind6 Guest
    fixed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for 3.55 cfw no param only eboot and sprx files

    yea i tried it a lot and it finally worked enjoy (sorry if my english is bad i'm dutch)

    have fun playing, playing the game now so far so good

  8. #6078
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I merged your post here in our ongoing fix thread, and +Rep for the fix benjamind6!

  9. #6079
    benjamind6 Guest
    wait a minute it only goes to the menu when you try to play the game it loads and than black screen i will try to fix the problem

    wel 1 more try and its back to the drawing boord (well at least i made a beginning it goos to the start up screen and trys to load the game but then it stops so if someone can help me with that i would love that^^)

    i only tryd it exturnal i will now try it inturnal i will post the results

  10. #6080
    alex59123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mcwan View Post
    does anybody know how to play fifa 13 online on kmeaw 3.55?

    I am using sen enabler but to play online i must update fifa and the update also makes fifa 13 not work. the update is 39 mb.
    I have the same question. Does anyone play on FIFA 13 online on CFW 3.55? Did you buy an online pass. (or did you use Evilnat fix?)
    Maybe we must update the CFW 3.55?

    Thanks guy!

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