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    lxmadrid Guest
    Thanks for all the hard work, guys. I tried using the Spec Ops eboot but got a "Corrupted Disc" icon. I'm guessing the eboot was built for a US ver rather than the EU one. So has anyone fixed that one?

    Spec Ops The Line BLES01157
    or how about?
    UFC Undisputed 3 BLUS30738

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    atinder Guest
    Hi, Awesome stuff here, The eboot fixes link at the top, and the new sticky page you're working on.

    My question is: The eboot patch fixes you're adding to the sticky, have they been tested and confirmed working? Or are they just a collection of all patches? Thanks!

    Oh, and also, in that thread can you make some sort of way to list the new patches that have come out in the future (For example at the top of the thread have it written which ones were added the last 3 updates or so)

  3. #6063
    doolaik Guest
    So after having tested this, i can confirm that the pkg doesn't work directly with BLUS30991, only the BLES01667 EU version.

    I did get it to work tho, simply by taking the extracted .edat files and copying them to the BLUS30991 gamedata directory from the BLES01667.

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    Ecina Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Quote Originally Posted by lxmadrid View Post
    I tried using the Spec Ops eboot but got a "Corrupted Disc" icon. I'm guessing the eboot was built for a US ver rather than the EU one. So has anyone fixed that one?

    Spec Ops The Line BLES01157
    Yes the Spec Ops one in the sticky is currently US only, hence the BLUS prefix. Here's a quick reference in case you didn't know...

    BCAS First Party, Asia
    BCJS First Party, Japan
    BLAS Third Party, Asia
    BLJM Third Party, Japan
    BLJS Third Party, Japan
    BCUS First Party, US
    BLUS Third Party, US
    BCES First Party, Europe
    BLES Third Party, Europe
    Anyway, as for a EUR fix, I found this for you...

    http://filecloud.io/0h23ls41 - Spec Ops The Line BLES01157

    I don't have the game myself so you will have to test for us. If it works then we will add it alongside the US fix in the sticky

  5. #6065
    evilpdor Guest
    lastest patch for RDR, singleplayer and online mode without problem

    sorry, forgot download link: RedDeadRedemption-BLES00680.up1.06.cfw341.355-MPI.rar passwd: multiplayer-italia.com

  6. #6066
    jsouza2012 Guest
    what happens with the game Starhawk, because it is so difficult to fix?

  7. #6067
    micha93 Guest
    Tek9 Also, i have to create my own patch? In the list are only the US Games..

  8. #6068
    ariark Guest
    how did you guys managed to used Assassins Creed III DLC Unlocker PS3 DUPLEX... i installed the pkg... start the game and i've got nothing... no unlocked...

  9. #6069
    Hernaner28 Guest
    The Pre-order maps for Resident Evil 6 have now been released for everyone on the Store. They are THREEEEE maps and they cost 0.99 dolars each. We only have 3 maps right now, it's really boring but if someone is so good to spend 3 dolars and unlock this it will give us 3 extra maps! A total of 6! please people! Why doesn't anybody bother about this one? I wish I could buy them and stop begging like an idiot but I've got USA account and my game is EUR. Only 3 dollars, come on PropJoe, I trust you

  10. #6070
    hilongo Guest
    Can you please test this one with Spec Ops The Line EUR ... and report back: https://anonfiles.com/file/c3c59940a...941832cc2cf10d

    Yes ... They all are supposed to be working fixes ... not all tested by us, but reported on this thread ...

    And about marking the updates to the sticky ... hmmm.. I don't think there's and easy way to do that ... as we update it kinda asinchronically (is that an existing word?) ...

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