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    MrDarkZer0 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Hernaner28 View Post
    Yes, I tested the EUR version and it works like a charm. No skill points. Install it and play online. It's awesome. Now I hope we can get the 3 exclusive MErcs maps!
    thx for the info bro...

  2. #6052
    saito1234 Guest
    Thanks to StanSmith's guide I was able to fix the following games:

    - BLJS10138 - BLJS10146 The_Idolmaster_Gravure_for_You_Vol_1, 3 - 9

    - BLJS93008 Dot.hack_Versus_JPN

    - BLJS93004 Macross_Last_Frontier_JAP

    BUT, I had some problem with the following games:
    - BLJS93009 Rinne_no_Lagrange_Kamogawa_Dream_Match_JPN
    game is fixed, everything works, but there is no sound, could anyone else test it?

    - BLJM60476 AquaPazza_-_AquaPlus_Dream_Match_JPN_PS3-NRP
    the game starts, but there is a Japanese error message, and I can only quit

  3. #6053
    roccovite Guest
    Is there any dlc unlocker for dead or alive 5?

  4. #6054
    micha93 Guest

    I have Questions is any Patch for Need for Speed Most wanted Bles... out. And is a patch for Metal of Honor Warfighter out.


  5. #6055
    Tek9 Guest
    I think you will find your answers here micha93 --> http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...ys-124742.html

  6. #6056
    wwywong Guest
    I tested the one from LeatherHead is without the 99999 glitch. Thanks!

  7. #6057
    GoldenCross Guest
    PropJoe.. i have purchased some DLC i want to share.. if i give you my account could you give it a look? Give me a pm if you could..

  8. #6058
    KirasiN91 Guest
    A big thank you to the people organizing the eboot sticky and to ps3news for putting the whole thing in motion! I'm not really interested in the recent fixes since I'm more of a PC gamer, but I appreciate the fact that everythings nice and tidy in 1 post.

    The only thing I actually want fixed is Tokyo Jungle. I have my PSN card now and am gonna buy it in half an hour. Could anyone help me try and fix it? I don't really know much about PSN games.

  9. #6059
    iavais Guest
    Can someone please fix Dead or Alive 5 along with DLC . Why hasn't anyone been able to fix doa 5

  10. #6060
    JOshISPoser Guest
    sdat files are tricky files.

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