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    He already passed out, but I would start after the last N0DRM update of Oct 13, 2012 which was HERE myself. Mainly as those N0DRM fixes are all over, linked on our "EBOOT Fixes" NavBar button, and fairly easy to locate.

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    Cristianv: That DS DLC you posted was made by me (my username is also uptheirons1). Anyhow, I haven't tested it myself since I don't have Dark Souls. I know for sure that it won't work if you don't ReactPSN and the latest update to Dark Souls installed.

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    is there a dead or alive 5 patch available yet?

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    i think no DOA 5 fix is working..

    i'm searching for Starhawk Fix but couldn't find any working either.. perhaps anybody found one?!

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    Aug 2012
    Cabela's Adventure Camp - BLES01468

    Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends - BLES01414

    F1 2012 - BLES 01664 Eur fix 3.55

    please fix 3.55 thanks

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    Pls if anyone has any idea , i want to play GT - Spec II , have anyone made a fix for this. Pls i believe there are a lot of "us" gran Turismo fans which would like to play GT SPEC II. If anyone has the fix pls PM. I am hoping that someone will help me and the others with the fix. Thx a lot. I thank all those who spend their time getting the fixes for all the new games. Respect to all of you.

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    are there any update 1.02 fix for RE6? without the 999999 point glitch

    thanks... so many fixes dunno which one lol

    Quote Originally Posted by LeatherFace8 View Post
    anyone tested this fix? are there any 99999 glitch point?

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    hi guys i want to share something...!

    These are the 3.55 FIXES!... NOT THE GAMES! Well, its my first post... tested and played some time! - but i want to know if they work for you too! enjoy and if you can share and upload to another servers!

    BLES01303 Neverdead - last fix rebooted my PS3 on exiting! not anymore!

    BLES01548-[DiRT 3 Complete Edition] - playing now!

    BLES01580 Game.of.Thrones - last fix freezed the game! not anymore!

    BLUS30985 Persona.4.Arena.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA.PS3-unSANE - param modded for region eu(i am portuguese)

    BLES01486-[SkiDoo Snowmobile Challenge] - SkiDoo Snowmobile Challenge EUR PS3-LoCAL(2012)

    BLES01461 MotionSports_Adrenaline - finally!

    BLES01620-[Crash Time 5 Undercover]

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    Hello, I just want to share my first fix. After 2 hours of struggling reading the tutorial finally I can make it work.

    Agarest War 2 3.55 Fix

    Tested on 3.55 CFW (internal only)


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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDarkZer0 View Post
    anyone tested this fix? are there any 99999 glitch point?
    Yes, I tested the EUR version and it works like a charm. No skill points. Install it and play online. It's awesome. Now I hope we can get the 3 exclusive MErcs maps!

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