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    snil Guest
    Hey propJOE, I have tried to download I am alive and Stanger's Wrath Fixes but putlocker.com was asking pro account to download these files... Please help... Thanks...

  2. #6032
    doolaik Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MSawzall View Post
    The one that was linked here (can't remember which page) worked fine on my US version. I wasn't aware there were different versions floating around for the unlocker.
    oh thats great news! i haven't tried it yet because I didn't want to have to rerip it if it didn't work.

    thanks for the confirmation!

  3. #6033
    Cristianv Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by evilpdor View Post
    I make ebootfix for this game, but it need test, i don't have this game.
    Installed and works perfectly, the only problem is i don't think it didn't unlock the new content, is there any way to unlock it?

    Thank you!

  4. #6034
    chayatat Guest
    Hi, can some one help me. The DLC unlocker for AC3 did not work for me. I got duplex release. I install the pkg and start the game but noting say about content unlocked.

    I was on sequence 3 when i install the pkg. do i need to start new game. i try delete the game data and reinstall and still did not work.

  5. #6035
    evilpdor Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cristianv View Post
    Installed and works perfectly, the only problem is i don't think it didn't unlock the new content, is there any way to unlock it?

    Thank you!
    We need to decrypt and activate all .edat files... but i don't have the knowledge (now) and the tools to unlock/fix .edat... sorry

  6. #6036
    CJPC Guest
    We've updated the code so that now Ecina, hilongo, JOshISPoser, PS3GAMER20111, slainedog, and StanSmith should be able to edit and work on the Sticky threads without any issues. If there are - just let us know. Thanks!

  7. #6037
    rapapa Guest

    darksiders 2

    Hi! can someone fix the update of darksiders 2 to work with 3.55?? i try but i don't now here is the link to download the update pkg... is a 30 mb


    Thanks in advance!!

  8. #6038
    Cristianv Guest
    I don't really know if this can be useful, i installed it but i doesn't seem like it worked... it might be because i don't have reactpsn...

    DS DLC http://rghost.net/41213486

  9. #6039
    chayatat Guest
    Edit: OK i think i got, it has something to do with playing this game with disc or disc-less. This game has to be play with disc for everything to work.

  10. #6040
    JOshISPoser Guest
    cjpc, can you recommend me a page to start on? i asked for a date earlier, but i didn't get an exact one.

    i will probably just start with propjoe as that will most likely be the easiest, and then work through these threads when i get to it.

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