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    Quote Originally Posted by eustahija View Post
    Nobody can't fix baked.sdat, so we must waiting for real dev to play Sports Champions 2. Anyway, I appreciate efforts from all of you who trying to fix a lots of games, but I think that half of work without results of working fixes rejects real devs like DUPLEX. How much days past when DUPLEX released the last fix? I almost forgot...
    i thought i was reading someone kinda figured out a way. there was a pkg released where you could install it and point to where the file is located to have it decrypted but then i don't have the right programs to re-encrypt it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDarkZer0 View Post
    lol so many AC 1.01 fixes... so which one is the best guys? without freeze and tested working?
    In page 600 of this thread ... (posts 5997 and 5998)

    some users were talking about AC3 tested and working fine... not sure if they were talking about the 1.01 update ... but maybe they were..

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    ok thank buddy... gonna try it out

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    can you help me by fixing port royale 3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doolaik View Post
    anyone know of a way to convert the AC3 DLC unlocker for the USA release? I'd much rather just rip my copy and apply the patch instead of downloading the EUR version.
    The one that was linked here (can't remember which page) worked fine on my US version. I wasn't aware there were different versions floating around for the unlocker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLordMalik View Post
    Ratchet 1 and 2 will give black screen from External. Play on Internal.
    just try it on internal still black screen

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    Have you tried the one in this previous page?

    Maybe it works with any version, as there is no indication about it being for one in particular...

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    Please fix Starhawk and Heavy Fire Afghanistain...

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    Hello, could someone make a fix for Agarest War 2 (not the hybrid one). Thank you so much

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    can someone put the fix for dead or alive 5 and dbz budokai hd europe for play on cfw 3.55?

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