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    KirasiN91 Guest
    Well then, seems like patch 1.06 of FF 13-2 doesn't allow saving for me, any fixes?

    I would also like an explanation on the multiman BD mirror and other options... didn't find any info on them yet still searching.

    Also, seems like I'll have to restore this ps3 soon. I dunno why but it's lagging.. almost every game has framerate issues. rebuilding stuff doesn't help.

    EDIT: Found the multiman info.

  2. #6002
    mcwan Guest
    does anybody know how to play fifa 13 online on kmeaw 3.55?

    I am using sen enabler but to play online i must update fifa and the update also makes fifa 13 not work. the update is 39 mb.

  3. #6003
    ils Guest
    anyone working on ZOE HD patch ??

  4. #6004
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by JOshISPoser View Post
    so, what's the date we go back to and does it matter where the upload site is?
    Once you guys are able to edit and update the post, I would go back just as far as the N0DRM fixes ended as all those we have archived well since they were mainly dongle-free patches.

    Starting when the new keys were leaked (around the UnSANE time) is where I would recommend, but if people want to go back further that's fine of course.

    Finally, we have added hilongo and StanSmith to help maintain the list as well... and have stopped taking volunteers as now we have 5 dedicated maintainers (plus myself as time permits) so we should be GTG! I will post back when CJPC does the editing permissions mod tonight and THANKS again everyone!

  5. #6005
    Starchild2k Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by totalnoob123 View Post
    Anyone know if theres a Ufc undisputed 3 fix out?
    I actually have made a patch for this game for 3.55 and for some reason there is a problem playing this game in 3.55. When you install this game on a 3.55 system with a 3.55 patch but you loose sound and durning installing game data it freezes up. When this game is installed on a 4.20/4.21/4.25/4.30 CFW it works perfectly. I know there isn't any more self files that I missed caused I checked all the DIR of the game!

  6. #6006
    viero Guest
    Any update fix for Max Payne 3?? Thanks in advance... Also for all the fixes lately cheers

  7. #6007
    totalnoob123 Guest
    well thanks for the info man i guess i'll wait for it hopefully duplex or unsane release it soon those guys are awesome. thanks again peace

  8. #6008
    scarface1689 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ils View Post
    anyone working on ZOE HD patch ??
    i was was wondering the same thing

  9. #6009
    roccovite Guest
    Hi, where can i find the dlc of tekken tag tournament 2 fixed for 4.30 cfw? Thanx

  10. #6010
    MrDarkZer0 Guest
    you guys need to merge the fix in 1 post, it's hard to find a specific fix backreading lol

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