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    khiu Guest
    I think I read (can't find the post) that Duplex did it in one of their releases. Checking the difference of the .sdat in that release compared to the original one might show something. I have no knowledge of this though.

  2. #5982
    testsubject909 Guest
    I hope we get a working fix for Dead or Alive 5 and a dlc unlocker for it and Resi 6.

  3. #5983
    StanSmith Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLordMalik View Post
    So anyone fixed Metal Gear Solid Update 2.0?
    I know why there isn't a fix for MGS update 2.0 Its 500+MB of SELF files. There are about 75 files to patch. All are 4.00 firmware and for me scetool wont decrypt any of them.

    Can someone else check this for me. I've already unlocked the DLC so it wont show up anymore.

    This is Need For Speed Most Wanted BLUS31010 update 1.01 with DLC in 1 PKG. http://rghost.net/41302564

    It works for me so it should work for everyone. BTW Thanks to the person who did the DLC patch.

  4. #5984
    rc4evr Guest
    Sleeping Dogs BLUS30927 retail update is now at v1.03 already, but the EU version is still at v1.02?

    Have you or anyone seen an updated fix for the US release? Thanks.

  5. #5985
    bassembb Guest
    any update patch for sleeping dogs BLES01661 !!! thanks

  6. #5986
    sudo2k7 Guest
    It's probably a bit early to ask, but if someone could do a fix for Toki_to_Eien_Tokitowa_JPN_PS3-HR, I'd highly highly appreciate it. Thanks in advance, and thanks for this great thread!

  7. #5987
    Mesutg Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kulatong View Post
    How do you know if the AC3 DLC Unlocker is working?
    when you install the DLC and start the game it tell u tnx for unlocking bla bla bla

    Quote Originally Posted by HayateSlash View Post
    not sure but i think that the game requires update 1.01 to go online
    no what i mean was you have to create a uplay account to ply online, and i did and it works, i'm on CFW 4.30 Rogero.

    NFS MW online was amazing

  8. #5988
    bassembb Guest
    the upate 1.01 .pkg for AC III is working good the dlc unlocker is working too.

  9. #5989
    Mesutg Guest
    you could use the EBOOT from EU to PUT over US it work, (not tested, but i did it in CoD MW3 n it worked)

  10. #5990
    nabelo Guest
    Where can i find the update 1.01 .pgk for ACIII ???

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