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  1. #5951
    KirasiN91 Guest
    Ok so I ordered a PSN card to buy Tokyo Jungle. I'm still on firmware 3.55 so it probably won't work. Hoping Propositionjoe will help me fix it.

  2. #5952
    letsjustplay Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TeleTobi View Post
    here is a working patch for Ratchet.And.Clank.Trilogy.PS3-STRiKE - BCES01503
    getting a black screen after selecting Ratchet 1.


  3. #5953
    iavais Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by testsubject909 View Post
    Please DUPLEX, please fix Dead or Alive 5.
    Please someone patch dead or alive 5 pleaseee. I will be very grateful

  4. #5954
    Kanzlermacher Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pr0p0sitionJOE View Post
    Sorry guys, I was really busy last night, so here are the trick or treats...

    mmh! tested but not works by me... the game run but freeze by Loadingscreen

  5. #5955
    Lando43 Guest
    we would need a DLC unlocker for Dead or Alive 5 too. NO point in playing that game without swim suits.

  6. #5956
    kulatong Guest
    How do you know if the AC3 DLC Unlocker is working?

  7. #5957
    albatawy Guest
    it works for me on 4.30 CFW Rogero (NFS MW) thanks Duplex

  8. #5958
    slainedog Guest
    Morning all. Seen the PS3 3.55 EBOOT Patch Fixes with New Appldr / NPDRM Keys sticky.

  9. #5959
    KirasiN91 Guest
    Better get working! You have a lot to add.

  10. #5960
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Yep, later today I will have CJPC give you guys the editing permissions needed.. then we can get the ball rolling.

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