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    Mehdib92 Guest
    Long time I didn't came on this post !!

    I'm looking for the original files for Dirt Showdown (BLES01578). Does anybody have them ?

    Thanks !!

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    i got a message from someone saying that sdat is a pretty "advanced" file. to paraphrase (cause i don't understand much ) is that we can use the ps3 to decrypt the file but then we (devs) have trouble then encrypting the file.

    apparently duplex can do it though

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    HAVOK7 Guest
    any link for scarygirl?

  4. #5924
    jsouza2012 Guest
    I had already posted earlier...

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    BBoy Chrif Guest
    i know but my fix is another method, download it & u see what i mean

    Quote Originally Posted by mcwan View Post
    with the link to that PKG for PES 2013, can i play online on 3.55 you saying?

    I used another fix i think and i replaced the eboot bin.
    Yes sure because this PKG is the fix of 1.01 update you can play online now on 3.55 after you installed SEN Enabler

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Cleaned up this thread some again, some notes:
    • We can do a Sticky thread where only Mods can update confirmed working games/links from this discussion thread, but we would need volunteers to maintain it as I don't have the time myself at all.

    • PropJOE I have put live your post HERE, but once again added your site URL below it because you tried to do some lameass "Google XYZ" crap that we don't allow.

      I will link the post to our main page article for the DUPLEX fixes tonight, but from now on my recommendation is to simply post the fixes ONLY here and I will add your URL to each post so that they don't get stuck in the moderation queue until a Staff member has time to sift through it daily.

    • Others: This is NOT a news thread, please DON'T post Spoofer updates or other crapola here... we have ongoing threads for that stuff, use your brains, find them and post any updates in them if you wish or simply wait for us to do it.

    • Most of the people posting appear to be on EU time, and the management here is on US time meaning we work days, get out of work, eat dinner and then have time for the site so unless we get some dedicated EU people to help with a Sticky odds are the same mess will reoccur each day.

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    franroad Guest
    goodnight friends would want to help me download the game i am alive the catch cfw 3.55 urgently required please

  8. #5928
    jejemon123 Guest
    the ratchet trilogy fixed eboot works but black screen freezing after you choosing which trilogy you want to play.

    jeez people pls before you post any fixed pls test it first fully before you said its working!!

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    what would the volunteers need to do? i don't quite get what you mean.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Simple, it would work like this:

    We make a new Sticky thread with a single post containing links to all the confirmed working new game fixes ONLY that are scattered about currently, and the volunteers would be the only ones with editing permission to keep updating the post based on user feedback from our discussion thread here.

    For normal users, they would have READ ONLY access to the thread, so they could easily see in A-Z organized fashion which are confirmed working and the corresponding links to them.

    So to answer: when a volunteer sees a new "confirmed working" game fix posted here, they would simply EDIT the new Sticky we make and add it to the list- that's it.

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