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  1. #5911
    SambucaSebi Guest
    can anyone again fix angry birds trilogy EUR so that it runs with sound and without freezes? thank you

  2. #5912
    mcwan Guest
    Did anyone test the PES 13 fix a few pages back? page 590

  3. #5913
    leghari80 Guest
    guys im on cfw 4.30 rogeros so is there a way for me to play i am alive and all the dlc unlocked content on my system please help thanks in advance

  4. #5914
    scarface1689 Guest
    Is there anyone who can make a Zone Of The Enders Hd Fix Properly

  5. #5915
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    PES 2013 (BLES01710) 3.55 FIX


    -go to your PES2013 folder search & backup the original (dt10.sdat) you find it at PS3_GAME/USRDIR [don't touch the original EBoot.BIN]
    -move (dt10.sdat) file from this rar to: PS3_GAME/USRDIR [don't touch the original EBoot.BIN]
    -install 1.01 update fixed to play online

    tested by my self, it's working. only (this game freezed when try to download extra content, like in PES 2012)

  6. #5916
    mcwan Guest
    with the link to that PKG for PES 2013, can i play online on 3.55 you saying?

    I used another fix i think and i replaced the eboot bin.

  7. #5917
    JOshISPoser Guest
    so how are people successfully patching games?

    i don't get what i'm doing wrong other than relying on a gui.

  8. #5918
    fantopoulos Guest

    BLES01485 The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 3.55 fix

    credit goes to heman

    i am posting for the rest of the fellows enjoy another new 3.55 eboot fix made by heman


    specops 3.55 fix credit to heman cheers


  9. #5919
    NTA Guest
    It's not good to just go crazy and update without getting the proper information beforehand

  10. #5920
    leghari80 Guest
    thank you good sir

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