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    Apr 2012
    Thanks for those 2 nice links!!

    All love to you man, i already knew that you made this 2 games possible, you are the man!

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    Sep 2012
    can anyone get their hands on assassin's creed 3 full game in a psn or sen link, please my internet connection sucks. If it doesn't bodder any one.

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    Please DUPLEX, please fix Dead or Alive 5.

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    dragon ball z budokai hd collection doesn't have saves working it seems. it keeps saying it's corrupted

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    Your archive is dead.. try RGhost & reupload it

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    Hi LeatherFace8 could you repack for the EUR version of RE6 1.02 update? Thanks!

    Hi Propjoe, Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater EXTEND EBOOT.BIN provided by niwakun here is not working for 3.55CFW. Could you fix this one? Thanks!
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    PES 2013 FIX 3.55


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    This one should work with duplex release.

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