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    In regards to some people misunderstanding that all downloads here are from duplex i would like to let you ladies and gentlemen know that the duplex team don't post their games. We do, and when there are no more duplex games, we sometimes like to post other stuff closely related sort of speak.

    Now that being said, I personally don't have the time to search for stuff, test it and post it. This would take more time than it is worth so before getting up set know that these links won't be alive forever and some work and other don't. That is the risk that we all have encountered at some point in time. So please respect your peers, mates, friends, fellow members because who knows what they might or might not post for your benefit.

    also thanks goes to Natepig for supportive reply.

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    thats why torrents are better..

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    Here is reactpsn for those who want it.. don't ask me how to use it though.

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    Anyone have the fix to Sonic Generation? The current method doesn't allow save which is quite pointless cuz you can't sit through the whole game unless you don't need to sleep or school or work... etc.

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    There is no other fix ATM for Sonic Generations other than using the Eboot.bin file from the demo which as you mentioned doesn't allow you to save.

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    How come Devs like TB who manage to fix new games are profiting on it, and those struggling to do so or can't, like Duplex-team, are gladly sharing for free, thus keeping the ps3scene still alive & kicking.

    Also, we have those with "high moral grounds" like Math who are brilliant, yet extremely narcisoide. I mean, if one consider himself part of any scene and is contributing or developing for it, then he really is a member.

    If you use a scene to expand knowledge or to prove something to yourself, that's fine to, as long as you don't use scene's progress or halt to impose your superiority (nothing last forever). My support to all Devs working hard for PS3scene. Thank you Deank for Multiman.

    Thanks to Duplex team and hope you make us happy again.

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    Can someone reupload Alien Breed 2: Assault part 2? First page links are dead.

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