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    your fix seems to get stuck at loading also.

    maybe the sdat file needs to be patched if i'm understanding what they're talking about.

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    Oct 2012

    PES 13 3.55 Fix BLES01709

    Hey men... I saw fix 3.55 PES 2013... but i'm working. I"ll test at night ... All saying that is functionally ! !

    Bles01709 Works 100% with 3.55 CFW

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    could you upload it to be fixed the sdat? cheers

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    This is the only sdat I found:

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    I AM ALIVE - [3.55 fixed]

    Region: [US] NPUB30383
    Firmware: 3.55
    Size: 1.9 GB
    Language: English/others (incl.German Menu/Subtitles)
    Fix 3.55 + edat:

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    Apr 2012
    Love you man, thx so much for the links!!

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    try the sdat

    and let me know

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    What in everyone's opinion would be the best file hosting site? Would appreciate any feedback.

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    putlocker or zippyshare for free-users

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    Thanks for effort, but I must go now. I will try little bit later. maybe Joshisposer do this!

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