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  1. #5861
    ivanjerome81 Guest
    talking about sport champion 2? is any sdat inside or self.. sprx?


  2. #5862
    eustahija Guest
    I just looking inside the game folder of Sports Champions 2 and can't see any sdat or self.. sprx files.

  3. #5863
    phablo Guest
    Dragon ball? This game was released ?

  4. #5864
    eustahija Guest
    I'm wrong, sorry, there is baked.sdat file in USRDIR (Sports Champions 2)

  5. #5865
    slainedog Guest
    Assassins Creed III DLC Unlocker PS3-DUPLEX

    With this .pkg you can unlock the following content:

    Captain of the Aquila's Uniform
    Traditional Colonial Assassin Outfit
    Obwandiyag's War Club
    Pirate Flintlock
    Boarding Axe
    Scottish Flintlock
    upgraded Naval Convoy
    new colors for the Aquila
    Lost Mayan Ruins
    Ghost War privateer contracts
    Sinking a Secret privateer contracts
    Sharpshooter Package
    Redcoat Package


    Install the game and use our 3.55 Eboot Patch if needed, then install
    this pkg and restart the game. All unlocked content will be displayed
    on first start. Enjoy

    Tested on CFW 3.55 with: Assassins.Creed.III.PS3-DUPLEX

    Also from opoisso893: My new fix for AC3 v1.01 update is now working 100% without freeze: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ndefb3cqehac875

    And from Senaxx: I've created a new Assasins Creed III v1.01 update. Since i've been figuring out some things I found out that i've signed some files with the wrong parameters.


    This should be a better version. BLES01667 as this is the whole update, it should be enough to replace all files.

    It can be that this doesn't work of freezes since it could be that games need a lot more patching that simple decrypting / encrypting since the new games got a lot new features. Since newer firmwares got new features like cloudsaves.

  6. #5866
    afashionman Guest
    fixed eboot sports champions 2 3.55: http://www.mediafire.com/?5yadu0411yddfe8

  7. #5867
    JOshISPoser Guest
    well, got further than i got. it actually loaded but seems to be stuck at the loading screen now. i'm gonna leave it up for a bit and see if it eventually loads.

  8. #5868
    ivanjerome81 Guest
    ok if you upload that file could be nice... i mean the sdat

  9. #5869
    sajjad6988 Guest
    very ... very tnx

    You can link to the game, i am live?

  10. #5870
    kalaner Guest

    Can you maybe link I Am Alive too?

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