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    i don't think the mods/admins mind much if another thread is created; it's up to the users though to use it.

    they've always said to go ahead and organize all the patches if you wanted. i don't think anyone is up to that challenge.

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    wwywong: I agree. People shouldn't post fixes without having tested them first. That is why I never posted any of my fixes here. It turns out none of them would have worked anyway since the patches for these newer games cannot be fixed properly even with the new keys.

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    yo dudes anyone has a link for shank 2, i know the game is fixed but i cant seem to find the link?

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    Couldnt agree more. This is why I said recently, everyone is a game fixer these days. Not quite as simple as it looks, even with all the gui tools released which for me are bad solution. Keeps you out of touch with files.

    People think because they decrypt eboot, game is done. I never ever release the game without testing it myself personally and I dont mean 3 sec test, but playing the game atleast for 30 min.

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    well, to any "fixer" out there, here's sports champions 2 original eboot. i tried it with ps3tools to no avail.

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    hi there, JOshISPoser i tried to do it for ya

    i don't have the game so i cant tried it... just guessing


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    we need fixes to be tested before being uploaded. false hope is depressing me

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    thanks for trying, but the fix isn't working for me. well the game start but in the game selection menu when you select either game you get black screen, i'm on 3.55, tried from intrnal, with bd-mirror and without. i hope someone will fix it thank you.

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    thanks man

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