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  1. #5831
    onibox Guest
    ORC sad... not working removing But Starhawk OK! :P

    Yeap, this damn zombie still no good :P But Starhawk Goes fine! 3.55 Kmeaw

  2. #5832
    fox460 Guest
    Spec ops!!! Please!

  3. #5833
    onibox Guest
    Still Not working RE!

  4. #5834
    digisin Guest
    ..and good day to you too, sir.

    Have a Look at this Post on Page 580.

  5. #5835
    sx1 Guest
    Yes you can, is auch in deutsch dann^^

  6. #5836
    fox460 Guest
    Thanks...hope this will work with EUR version.

  7. #5837
    syman8989 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rageagainst1 View Post
    syman8989: Upload the eboot.bin for tales of graces f (bles) and I will fix it for you.
    just tested your eboot -> blackscreen

  8. #5838
    sajjad6988 Guest
    The Friend Who links shank 2 games and i am live there?

    Please give me if you like.

  9. #5839
    jsouza2012 Guest
    Onibox, Starhawk works???

    Have you tested? Thanks, I'm Brazilian too!

  10. #5840
    rageagainst1 Guest
    syman8989: Sorry man, but as I said earlier, it is pretty much hit or miss with these fixes. Have you tried using the usa patch for Tales of Graces f that was released by N0DRM a while back?

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