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  1. #5821
    StanSmith Guest
    With the latest release of the patching tools you can easily patch just about anything. I've patched PlayTV 2.03 as its 3.56 firmware and I just patched NFS Most Wanted 1.02 update as its only an eboot and it works.

    The reason I added the param.sfo into the patches is to change the firmware version from 4.xx to 3.55. Its not needed, only the eboot.bin is needed to patch it so it shouldn't matter which version you got US or EU, just use the eboot.

    I have many games and only 1 patch, I just copy the eboot over and it still runs. There are only a handful of games that are actually region specific, like if its censored in a region it might need a different eboot but if every region has the same game then the same patch will work.

    not sure? There are a few games with extras between the EU and US versions. Mortal Kombat has extra movies same as Gran Turismo 5 also has extra movies making them bigger than the EU versions.

    Maybe the US version has more languages like Spanish where the EU version might be English only?

  2. #5822
    MrDarkZer0 Guest
    Oh I see.. thanks for the fast response

  3. #5823
    onibox Guest
    Inc MORE!! Resident Raccon City(BLES01288) and Starhawk (BCUS98181) request by Jsouza2012

    - http://rghost.net/41280051 - Starhawk
    - http://rghost.net/41280110 - Resident

  4. #5824
    shadowXtreme Guest
    Doa 5 still have no fix..

  5. #5825
    privat Guest
    Was tested Resident Evil ORC?

  6. #5826
    MrDarkZer0 Guest
    maybe you guys better make a post with your new fixes so it's easier to find

    just a suggestion.. thank you for the fix...

  7. #5827
    evilpdor Guest
    my ebootfix is now in PKG format.


    passwd: multiplayer-italia.com

    tested on 355 ps3, working on PSN, no cheat/bug 999999 points!

  8. #5828
    rc4evr Guest
    Thanks onibox! Can anyone confirm success for these on 3.55 or 3.41? Reason I ask is I've seen Raccoon City "supposedly" fixed at least twice recently. And pr0p0sitionJOE said Starhawk is very tricky to fix. Many thanks in advance to anyone who confirms success or not with these two releases!

  9. #5829
    youaho Guest
    Fix Tales Of Xillia 2 JAP doesn't work
    Erreur 8001003C


  10. #5830
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Fix the AC III update 1.01 so that we can play it online ! Thanks

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