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    Aug 2009
    Same buddy!

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    can someone upload a fix for zone of the enders hd the one in the previous pages didnt work

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    Onibox, i wait:

    Starhawk, Pes 2013 and Heavy Fire Afghanistain!

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    Aug 2009
    Dark, i tested now! WORKING buddy on this version BLES-01684, 3.55 Kmeaw!

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    wow thank you so much buddy

    do you mind fixing the 1.02 patch for BLES too? Sorry for asking too much...

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    Jun 2012
    you have all done an amazing work on patching games, i think most of the good games are patched now, are there any good games left?

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    Of course. Worms Revolution is a clear example.

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    too many games to play lol

    maybe if they focused on update patch to make the game more stable and DLC never hurt lol

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    Feb 2012
    Try changing just the EBOOT.BIN not the PARAM.SFO.

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    yeah I thought something like that will work too, just want to be sure haha... but why the US version have 300mb more than the EU ver ?

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