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  1. #5791
    StanSmith Guest
    I couldn't get I AM ALIVE to work so I patched it and now it works.


  2. #5792
    digisin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by LeatherFace8 View Post
    Awesome finally Walking Dead Thanks joe
    Excuse me, did i miss something?

  3. #5793
    rocknard Guest
    How do you resign .self files?? manually i say. i try "unfself.exe" and "unself.exe" but, i can't

  4. #5794
    TeleTobi Guest

    here is a working patch for Ratchet.And.Clank.Trilogy.PS3-STRiKE - BCES01503

    EBOOT PATCH-BCES01503-[The Ratchet Clank Trilogy]


    Regards too all who made this possible!



  5. #5795
    stingray1059 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Rarutoz View Post
    Is there a 3.55 fix for NBA 2K13 ? One of the best game of 2012 and still no fix
    couldn't agree more... i wonder how come medal of honor warfigher, ac3 , NFS most wanted 2012 and wwe13 were patched immediately while nba 2k13 and ufc 3 are still not patched?

  6. #5796
    jejemon123 Guest
    teletobi can mirror it to other filesharing? thank you coz the page didnt found

  7. #5797
    TeleTobi Guest

    try this one: http://rghost.net/41276198


  8. #5798
    DOCKY99 Guest

    BLJS93004 Macross Last Frontier マクロスラストフロンティア FIX 3.55

    Working : Tested on CFX 3.55.

  9. #5799
    onibox Guest
    Greeting from Brasil!!

    Made a fix to Spec ops

    BLUS30531... enjoy! http://rghost.net/41277792

    Testing and working on 3.55

  10. #5800
    jsouza2012 Guest
    Thanks man!!!

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