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  1. #571
    marrones Guest
    Thanks Duplex.

    All releases are valid for 3.55 and 3.41? Some additions haven't description.

  2. #572
    mod632 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by TwistedJay View Post
    The Punisher
    is this The Punisher: No Mercy PSN??

    hell will download and see for myself thank you!!

  3. #573
    dixeflatline Guest
    Is this a statement or a question?

    I don't think there is a install for 3.55 or 3.41. I haven't tried yet so i could be wrong.

  4. #574
    TwistedJay Guest
    Most of the recent links are untested by myself and and my need some review by the public. Please do comment on what is working as well as what is not.

    Eye Create Version Eur. but tested on the Usa model with mutiman
    Disc based game

    I know wrong thread but, I just had to share it because of what this is. This turns your ps3 into a video camera, sound recorder as well as a camera to take pictures. You will need to have the ps3 eye toy but well worth it.


  5. #575
    spunkybunny Guest
    That comes with the PS3EYE camera when you buy it so anyone with the cam will already have it. Well it came with my cam when I got it.

    Oh it comes with the camera on its own, if you got the camera with something like eyepet then it might've not come with it.

  6. #576
    TwistedJay Guest
    Not if you got a used camera from a pawn shop like i did. I never knew this existed. Thanks for the info though.

  7. #577
    TwistedJay Guest
    Sonic Generations with .pkg fix for cfw 3.55



    This is the link to the above

    Also it is disc based

  8. #578
    LiteSoul Guest
    TwistedJay, most download games you've provided in this page and the previous page, are not from Duplex.

    The Sonic Generations above doesn't work properly (you can't save the game)

    Unless I'm wrong, this is a Duplex releases thread?

  9. #579
    Natepig Guest
    It began with the news of Duplex cracking the initial psn games but it has evolved as others have had success with other games.

  10. #580
    tiger27 Guest
    where is the fix for driver san francisco ??

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