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    pheinixashes Guest
    New to modding... I got 3.55 cfw saved to my hard drive on my pc. But haven't jailborken my ps3 with it, in fear of being kicked of psn. Any recommended firmware versions to use online / hosting on gta 4 complete?

  2. #5782
    fox460 Guest
    Anyone tried to patch Spec Ops and Dragon Ball PSN one? Joe - please tell me something about this games. And also when 3.60 keys was leaked you working with shank 2 and tell us that some problems was there... maybe now things become more clear with newer keys?

  3. #5783
    privat Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    For anyone wanting to make their own modded eboots and not wait for others to release them here are the 3 apps I use and so far with the latest patches its working.

    As use MagicPKG to convert it back to EBOOT.BIN.

    Which tool uses?

    1) Readself
    2) Unself
    3) Make self
    4) Make self NPDRM
    5) Elf_Builder
    6) Self_Rebuilder
    7) PSN Package
    8) Package Finalize
    9) Eboot Mod
    10) Veritas

    You can write procedure of Magic PKG?


  4. #5784
    wwywong Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by niwakun View Post
    Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater EXTEND
    Hi niwakun, how do you make it work? Do you just rename the EBOOT_NPDRM.BIN to EBOOT.BIN and replace in the game folder? I am running 3.55CFW, and it doesn't work for me. It run into the black screen, and just jump back out to XMB... any trick to make it work?

  5. #5785
    Anxietic Guest

    PES 2013 1.01 update

    PES 2013 1.01 update

    Who has game, please try it and report back. Fixed for 3.40/3.55.


  6. #5786
    elser1 Guest
    i am asking anyone who can fix under defeat hd from psn to please do so. i refuse to pay $50 in aus store for this game.please help me out. big thanks.

  7. #5787
    jejemon123 Guest
    guys need help i'm getting black screen in borderlands 2 BLUS version vimto release. also if any1 pls share original param and eboot of borderlands 2 BLUS version thank you.

  8. #5788
    StanSmith Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by privat View Post
    As use MagicPKG to convert it back to EBOOT.BIN. Which tool uses?
    Make self.
    Drag EBOOT.ELF to the box top right.
    click MAKE SELF bottom right.
    If its a SELF you need to make then change the setting at the bottom to SELF.

  9. #5789
    Rarutoz Guest
    Is there a 3.55 fix for NBA 2K13 ? One of the best game of 2012 and still no fix

  10. #5790
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Anxietic View Post
    Who has game, please try it and report back. Fixed for 3.40/3.55.
    This fix not working too.. i try it in external & internal, with & without BDMirror, (the game freezed at the first loading...)

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