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    LOL! People, if you want PSN games, buy them first. That is the difference between retails and psn. Retails you get for free by one disk dump. PSN content is always purchased and had to be dumped for rap files. Only C00 demo types are fixable without raps.

    All games you guys request here are purchases only. Buy the games and I fix them for ya. Just bare in mind, the higher the FW of game, the more the risk of SDK features to be less compatible with 3.55.

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    Awesome finally Walking Dead Thanks joe

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    Oct 2012
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 please!!

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    Joe, Is it fixed for 3.55 or only 4.21+?

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    syman8989: Upload the eboot.bin for tales of graces f (bles) and I will fix it for you.

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    Can any of the EBOOT fixers (Propjoe, Duplex and unsane) work on Dead or Alive 5 Been waiting anxiously for that

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    So with disc games, if someone wants to use a fix, they have to copy the disk to their ps3 first to use it? That sounds kinda terrible, especially for those really huge gb games, although I see that most are usually around the same average amount though

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeatherFace8 View Post
    Joe, Is it fixed for 3.55 or only 4.21+?
    For both. All games have fixes for 3.41/3.55 and 4.21+.

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    I'd buy Worms Revolution if I could. It's really cheap. The problem is that I don't have PSN access right now and I don't own a credit card. I live in Uruguay, so it's hard to get an international credit card and those PSN cards cost 100% more than their value (at least here).

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    anybody has MG Rising demo from Zone of the Enders HD Collection?

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