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    Care to share your fix?

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    the borderlands 2 fix is a couple pages back you can't miss it

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    can any1 fix tales of graces f (BLES) pls?

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    kokotas does that fix work with the eur or only us

    Borderlands 2 3.55 fix is here! Tested working on BLUS30982!

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    Oct 2012
    hi all ! where is the Shank 2 FIX?


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    Cool LeatherHead CFW 3.40 / 3.55 EBOOT Fixes - 10-31-12 [Happy Halloween]

    Of.Orcs.and.Men.CFW.EBOOT.FIX.101.EUR-LeatherHead- NOT TESTED

    Starhawk.CFW.EBOOT.FIX.100.USA-LeatherHead- NOT TESTED

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    LeatherFace fix Worms Revolution please! Thanks!

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    Is it a disc game ? Because i'm not sure how to fix psn games.

    If i is a disc game Pm me the original eboot, param.sfo, and all self, sprx files if any. I'll give it a go.

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    Gt5 Update Fix for 3.55!! (Patch 2.04 -> BCES00569)

    Das Testament des Sherlock Holmes FIX

    From _D_S_: I made this fix for GT5 Patch 2.04:

    Works fine for me on Kmeaw 3.55!

    How to:

    1. Install all Patches (1.05-2.04)
    2. Install my Fix.pkg
    3. Have fun !!

    Here is also a BCUS Version, thanks alienkid who confirmed that this is working

    Updates: 2.05 is 3.70 and 2.06, 2.07, 2.08 are 4.10.

    gt5 academy BCES00569 eboot:
    resigned by n3o:

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    Oh sh... it is not a disc game . Just PSN T.T

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