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    rocknard: I am decrypting them without getting any error messages oncesoever. Consequently, I am pretty sure that the lv0 and lv1 keys only pertain to decrypting firmware, not eboot.bin/sprx/self files.

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    Hi there, cam someone fix Angry Birds Trilogy EUR??? I would like to play the Game You're all soooo Great Good Luck and Happy Halloween )

    From Senaxx: Need For Speed Most Wanted v1.01 - (this is untested since I do not have a CFW 3.55 PS3) Thanks to PatrickBatman. I hope I also solved the puzzle for game updates (I think)

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    No no no.. that crappy game no.. Worms Revolution instead, it's far better

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    Totally agree.

    worms is far better all round than angry birds

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    It's not a crappy Game I love these Birds <3 Please someone fix that!!! Worms Revolution Sucks

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    Anyone that has the link for I Am Alive PSN download link?


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    using those keys I was able to resign one piece BLES01672 and dead or alive BLES01623 eboots... still need testing

    for those interested I used this bat (it's the 4.21 modified to sign with 3.55 keys)

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    Cool LeatherHead CFW 3.40 / 3.55 EBOOT Fixes - 10-31-12 [Happy Halloween]



    All Tested & Working using USA scene releases on Rogero 3.55cfw.

    Enjoy! and Happy Halloween

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    ilgimmy how do you do resign in general? I have sce tool and GUI, and I got the keys from your link, now I can decryp the EBOOT.BIN of DOA5, but what option to pick for Encrypt it back? So many options!

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    can someone fix zone of the enders hd or tell me how to fix it? been waiting on this game for a long time

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