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    Quote Originally Posted by ona2x View Post
    Sleeping Dogs working fine here Waninkoko v2
    I thought new Multimans is not compatible. That's why a left this FW long time ago.

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    Aug 2012
    got my solution ... i didn't get the data corrupted went i put disc in... all good now...

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    I wait Spec Ops The Line and Borderlands 2...

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    Borderlands 2 fixed.

    PSN - Shoot Many Robots, I am Alive, Shank 2 fixed

    Working on many more. This is what I'm talking about. I got tons, tons to work with.

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    Borderlands 2 BLUS30982 UPDATE 1.02 FIX for 3.55

    Seems that Borderlands 2 has been fixed for 3.55 by DEFAULTDNB and according to him working on BLUS30982.

    Borderlands 2 for 3.55:

    Borderlands 2 BLUS30982 UPDATE 1.02 FIX for 3.55 by snkysnake02



    BLUS30982 SFO

    BLES01684 SFO

    Step 1: Download the offical 1.02 update, EBOOT fix and SFO (for your version)

    Step 2: Install the 1.02 update

    Step 3: goto dev_hdd0/games/BLUS30982/USRDIR/place eboot fix here

    Step4: goto dev_hdd0/games/BLUS30982/place SFO here ( if your using the BLES sfo this folder should change automatically to BLES01684 )

    Load Borderlands 2 and enjoy with all the bug fixes and MP improvment ^_^

    DLC will be posted soon for this as well, just gotta get the links from the PSN, when i try to sign in with the method i use to get the links it gives me a error upon signing in. would like to give a huge THANKS out to DEFAULTDNB for sharing the knowledge of the keyset ^_^

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    Sweet.. where Can I grab Shank2 from ? I can finally play my copy of Shank2 on my CFW as well.. oh and please look at Simpsons arcade as well. Uses 3.70 keys..

    Btw, keep up the Good Job!!

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    You won't miss Worms Revolution, will you? Plz!

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    Ok, im posting my Online Pass, i have posted previous Online Passes for other games but none worked unless it was using my own PSN account, so be warned, it might not work for you. I tried to unlock the previous Online Passes using reActPSN and even turning my original rif (that i got from Data Transfer between both my PS3) to a free rap but nothing worked. Either way im sharing it, maybe someone can find a way to make it work without it being bind to my account

    Medal of Honor Warfighter ONLINE PASS:

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    Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater EXTEND



    Credits to remile
    Tested on 4.21CFW

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    [Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater EXTEND] I didn't expect that! But thank you so much!!!

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