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  1. #5671
    MSawzall Guest
    Got it going on mine external. 3.55 cfw w/ duplex patch (US ver.)

  2. #5672
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Nah.. I will wait a little bit longer. All I want is 4.21 or 4.30 to have everything that 3.41/3.55 have such as reactpsn and homebrew then I will jump on it. I do not care about online at all. I like to play myself. More peaceful, I would say.

  3. #5673
    leftpimp Guest
    Once my computer stops acting stupid i will check in that location to see if it is corrupt. thank you and i'll post later with results

  4. #5674
    drphuz Guest
    Big props to propJ0E... thanks for the hard work

  5. #5675
    Suizide1 Guest
    Can anyone upload the F1 2012 original BLES eboot and param.sfo?

    thank you very much if you can.

  6. #5676
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i checked online (could be wrong) and it looks like it has an update. just update it

  7. #5677
    Suizide1 Guest
    i did update it but i realized my online pass is for the EU version so i'm trying to change my US version to EU by changing those two files and can't for the life of me find it anywhere on the internet.

  8. #5678
    XBINX Cyro Guest
    can someone help me out, I have latest multiman installed.. i copied my gta disc using multiman..i ran the update for the game to 1.01 and i ran the game it and keeps resetting me to XMB... any ideas?

  9. #5679
    scarface1689 Guest
    is there anyone working on a zone of the enders hd fix and if there is one can someone upload it? thanks in advance

  10. #5680
    zombie099 Guest
    To clarify for those with sound issues with Dark Siders 2 DUPLEX. You must upgrade your loader. In my case using Multiman and after updating to 04.08.01 and selecting BDMirror and Internal options in game settings, it corrected the muted audio.

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