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  1. #5651
    eboot79 Guest
    its perfect no bugs i'm tested 2 hours

  2. #5652
    Hernaner28 Guest
    IT IS NOT PERFECT! Don't you understand that the game is full of bugs?! UBISOFT has just released a patch fixing 44 Bugs which I don't want to name because of spoilers... Now, we'd better get that update working on 3.55. Otherwise we won't enjoy the game as it should be.

  3. #5653
    wwywong Guest

    Exclamation Assassin's Creed III black screen startup issue (non-issue)

    Just so you know, for all of you having black screen startup in ACIII, it is not a problem. Initial start of ACIII take very long to even load up any screen. Originally, when I first run this game, the HDD is flashing mad for almost a min or two and the tv is having black screen the whole time. Just as I hesitate and about to reboot ps3, the first ACIII screen show up. Lucky I am patient and haven't done the reboot yet.

    It went on to a long install (4+GB) to internal HDD (as usual AC games), and even after that, each time the game start from the disc screen in XMB, it take like around 1 min of black screen before it go into the first screen.

    So it's not a problem. ACIII just have a lot of files. I didn't even set the BD-Mirror option. It still work like that. It's not ur game or ur ps3. It's just the way it is. No worry about black screen (unlike other games). Cheers!

  4. #5654
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i really wish someone could get a work around the mandatory game installs since we play these games backed up. it's just a waste of space.

    i also hope keys get leaked soon. groups must have them but not want to give them out so they can be the only ones to fix the games. i think propjoe even said that.

  5. #5655
    wwywong Guest
    Oh and one more piece of info. The elf including in the 3.55Fix for ACIII, I don't think it's needed, unless you go to multiplayer or PSN. I tried not replacing the files, I still can play single player mode. Multiplayer mode will jump out to XMB if you don't replace the file. Since I can't get on PSN now, I don't bother with all internet related features.

  6. #5656
    Hernaner28 Guest
    what keys? Are there still hidden keys? Thought everything was uncovered

  7. #5657
    phablo Guest
    I'm thinking likes you... I'll still waiting... A few games are not fixed...

  8. #5658
    JOshISPoser Guest
    well, keys that the average user can use and put into scetools. as far as i know, we can still only decrypt 3.6 level games.

  9. #5659
    jabberosx Guest
    Man.. i know .. i know.. but it will still be awesome if we could get the 3.55 fix for simpons arcade and shank2

  10. #5660
    syman8989 Guest
    ...or a long awaited fix for tales of graces f (european version) and tales of xillia 2 ^^

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