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  1. #5641
    rodweygantjr Guest
    Only played the first 30 min of it (Assassins Creed 3) to test, but I did not notice any bugs

    yes it is only a matter of time

  2. #5642
    psicho Guest
    The game is full of bugs, most frequent characters appear and dissappear from the scene, an entire scene with dialog where characters lips didn't move but the scene was acted with voice and cinematics, objects stucked in mid air. etc

  3. #5643
    rodweygantjr Guest
    well I am sure they will fix the update as well, I am happy just being able to play this game before it came out

  4. #5644
    phablo Guest
    Good afternoon. I'm from Brazil and i would like informations about a Resident Evil Operation Raccon City.. There are fix for this game? I saw some fix on net but anyone is functionally. Anybody can help me? Ps. Excuse my bad english.

  5. #5645
    windrider42 Guest
    That seems to be a tough one too get going without errors. There is no proper fix at the moment.

  6. #5646
    phablo Guest
    Thanks.. Let's wait for Duplex.

    And you know why some games is too difficult to have a fix?

  7. #5647
    JOshISPoser Guest
    could be how the game uses the console and could need more than an eboot fix.

    i remember a while back they were saying that games were coming to a point where fixing it on 3.55 would be impossible cause the games would be calling on files that 3.55 didn't have, but only firmwares higher up.

  8. #5648
    phablo Guest
    Tks. Understand it. I'm asking for because i don't want to install anyone new CFW for now... I would like to play the games 3.60+ ins the 3.55. But let's wait for new notices.

    I'm in 3.55 2 rebug (spoof 3.66) and i'm afraid to install 4.30 Cfw and get bricked may PS3, or lose all my PSN games. Do you know if this new CFW 4.30 is secure? Can i install this CFW in my 3.55 rebug without a possible brick?

  9. #5649
    JOshISPoser Guest

    Assassins Creed III for 3.55 [WORKS DISCLESS TOO]

    english sil vous plais

    Assassins Creed III for 3.55 [WORKS DISCLESS TOO] - DUPLEX ACIII BLES01667 from zideeq

    NOTE: ZOMBIEKILLAH has created his own patch as well (below)

    Multiman game settings:

    -External or Internal
    -BD-Mirror (without BD-Mirror is slower loading I believe)
    -Discless or with Disc

    NOTE: If you're having sound issues or returning to XMB, make sure you have a folder named "ASSASSIN_ISO" under "USRDIR". If you don't, simply make one.

    Simply overwrite the 4 files with the ones in the fix.




    I made another Fake patch , to preserve your DISC files & for those on 341/355 CFW.. If you have different region PM me i will make you one,if you want one .. Another Custom Non Official Fake Patch FiX v9.99

    Password - ZOMBIEKILLAH


    Copy the 2 selfs to your game Backup
    Edit your disc param.sfo = Install patch & play

    Tested by me & works fine.. Enjoy

    DUPLEX = PreFix
    ZOMBIEKILLAH - FAKE / Converted / Packed

  10. #5650
    AhBoy14 Guest

    [Release].Assasin.Creed.3.DOOM.3.Need.4.Speed.Most.Wanted.P atch.Fixes

    phablo .. Same here man ..I'm using the same set up as you with the 3.66 spoof .. still waiting awhile before its "all clear" to change cfw .. In the meantime lets enjoy all the awesome latest 3.55 fix.

    p.s : I'm new to this website

    From ZOMBIEKILLAH: Here are some more patches fixes. Now so you know i did not test all these. Remember some games have internal fix files. Some are needed some are not. You will have to find the working combination, like i do. If it don't work, check your game files. These patches do work i know this. Games get more complicated when having internal/external fix files, same time.

    Need For Speed should work no problem. Assassins Creed III,might not need anything but the patch. It has 2 selfs in the patch, same as the internal fix files.

    You might need the 2 internal selfs & patch ,so figure it out. I did that combo with my fake patch for A.C.3 + DOOM 3.

    DOOM 3 works,the selfs are in the patch.I did not try Doom /1/2 yet.

    Personally i try to stick with fake patches l8ly. The ones i made work well & seem to work good + having a pkg fix is nice.

    Password = ZOMBIEKILLAH

    Assassins.Creed.III.Patch.v101.Spoof.v999.Fix.341. BLES01667

    Assassins.Creed.III.Patch.v101.Spoof.v999.Fix.341. BLES01668

    Assassins.Creed.III.Patch.v101.Spoof.v999.Fix.341. BLUS30991


    Need.for.Speed.Most.Wanted.Patch.v101.Fix.340.BLAS 50482

    Need.for.Speed.Most.Wanted.Patch.v101.Fix.340.BLES 01659

    FIXED DOOM & I hope i did not upload wrong ones again .

    DOOM.3.BFG.Edition.Patch.v101.Spoof.1337.Fix.341.B LES01678

    DOOM.3.BFG.Edition.Patch.v101.Spoof.1337.Fix.341.B LES01679

    DOOM.3.BFG.Edition.Patch.v101.Spoof.1337.Fix.341.B LUS31024

    FIX THE GAMES sdat + other files you can play "DOA 5"

    Dead.OR.Alive.5.Patch.v102.Spoof.999.Fix.340.BLES0 1623

    Remember internal & external fixes together need to work together! If you need to make sure the internal DISC FIX files are 340 ! having a DISC backup & original game results are much better.

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