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  1. #5611
    lzyslckr Guest
    wait ps2 games. The ported ones?

  2. #5612
    muny21 Guest
    I may not know everything in your "circles" but I have been pm'ed and told personally by some devs that you have refused to help or release the NPDRM keys you had. Not trying to argue with you but I do know some stuff too. I guess it is not so fun when the shoe is on the other foot.

    I will leave it at that.

  3. #5613
    Studs Guest
    Awesome!!! I was hoping X-Com was going to get patched! Starting to get sick of playing the demo over and over again! Hahahaha.

    Duplex you rule!!!!

  4. #5614
    kalberto Guest
    after Duplex Sleeping Dogs then Dishonored 340/355 fixed got game data corrupt, too ??

    I'm using KMEAW and dongle. UnSane fixed, so far so good. NO error at all.

    UPDATE: Ridge Racer Unbounded. with fixed of duplex , got UNLIMITED LOADING, won't play it..

    SPECIAL NOTE FOR UnSane Please fix the all Duplex's fixed

  5. #5615
    slainedog Guest
    Muny21, Propjoe has been releasing fixes a long time now BEFORE the keys where released. Very UNCOOL.

  6. #5616
    aristodice Guest
    I was praying for a sleeping dogs fix yesterday and my prayers been answered ..I have been jumping up and down all morning.. I pray gtav comes out whiles this keys are still around.

  7. #5617
    kalberto Guest
    with KMEAW or dongle cfw ?

  8. #5618
    Mendezas Guest
    WOW, this is truely amazing week

  9. #5619
    viero Guest
    Wow! Thanks Duplex, Unsane and PropJoe for all these fixes. Really appreciate it. Most of all... Thanks for sharing

  10. #5620
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by biasedper View Post
    Why do people care about Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City? It's gotten terrible reviews both by critics and users
    Hey, its your opinion. I want it and so is some people.

    I am looking for 3.41 users to test for Darksiders 2, please ?

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