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  1. #5581
    dronza1 Guest
    borderlands 2 must be round the corner fingers crossed guys n girls

  2. #5582
    JOshISPoser Guest
    possibly. i heard some games take a few minutes cause of file preparation. so, if it keeps flashing, let it do its thing for a bit.

  3. #5583
    azoreseuropa Guest
    LOl.. Sleeping dogs and Borderlands 2 are not for me. I dont know why those are popular, interesting.

  4. #5584
    scirea91 Guest

  5. #5585
    JOshISPoser Guest
    well, i restarted the install. it went a bit quicker than the last one, but now it's on 92% and taking its time. i think i'm just gonna wait it out now. it has been about 15 minutes it's been on 92%. i'll give it all night i guess. i did turn bd-mirror on.

    for anyone not knowing what i'm talking about, it's sorcery. the install slows wayy down at 92%. up to that point, it takes like about 20 minutes or so i'd say.

  6. #5586
    Disco2013 Guest
    My external HDD has been flashing for almost 20 mins. Keep it going or quit you think?

  7. #5587
    themobrules Guest
    bearmon2010: It's pretty simple. Not everyone likes the same games as you. I don't know why you find that so interesting.

  8. #5588
    azoreseuropa Guest
    I guess that I dont like the war. What interesting in it for me is that it is like a reality in real war and I dont like it. I like the fantasy and not real.

  9. #5589
    NQS Guest
    I know there are patches for the BLUS & BLES versions of Resident Evil 6 but is there a patch for the PSN version (NPUB30984)?

  10. #5590
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i would say it's up to you at this point. i'd maybe give it up to an hour, after that, that's just ridiculous. just troubleshoot it and see if you can fix it.

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