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  1. #5571
    scirea91 Guest

  2. #5572
    G Sus Guest
    good to see it finally patched, this should keep a few people buisy for a while, its an excellent game

  3. #5573
    LeatherFace8 Guest

  4. #5574
    JOshISPoser Guest
    that's awesome! i'm gonna guess a proper fix, not one that makes the game kinda playable.

  5. #5575
    slainedog Guest
    Think alot of us will be heading out and getting bigger HDD's this week. Thanks DUPLEX.

  6. #5576
    kolabi Guest
    it takes between 5 and 10min for every 1% starting from 92% till 100, and another thing you should do is run permissions from MM before and that too takes a long time

  7. #5577
    JOshISPoser Guest
    lolz. i wish for that long. i should have restarted it a while ago and made sure it ran fast. at this rate, no joke, i'll be playing it in about 6 hours. actually, it might be quicker to restart it. i did try running permissions, but i thought it was taking too long so i pushed circle.

    i wish for 5 to 10 minutes. idk, i'll give it ten more minutes for another percent before i restart it and turn bd-mirror back on so hopefully it's a quicker install. thanks for the tips. i really just don't wanna wait for permissions though, i only run that if a game doesn't work at all or the first time running a game (out of habit).

  8. #5578
    Disco2013 Guest
    I hit bd mirror and when i selected app game in the XMB its at a black screen but my external is flashing like crazy. Is it installing or something?

  9. #5579
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Disco2013, What game ? Darksiders II.. Maybe bad dumping ? Trying to run it without BD mirror to see whats happening.

    Anyway.. Please answer my question ?? Anybody test darksiders II for blus and bles ? Mine:

  10. #5580
    Denida Guest
    Great to see sleeping dogs finally patched, can stay on 3.55CFW for now then

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