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    Sleeping Dogs Eboot Patch PS3-DUPLEX
    Ridge Racer Unbounded Eboot Patch PS3-DUPLEX
    Waiting for Sleeping Dogs. Thanks DUPLEX.

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    I have my original back up as always. So I replace .sprx fixed to an original .sprx. Still the same ... Black screen after Vigin Game logo. It works for you ? BLES or BLUS ? What is the size of full game ?

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    aw really? i'm installing for like the fourth and fifth time and it's going slow as it has been. some installs get to 92% in like 20 minutes, this is about 45 mins or more to get there. kolabi, please tell me you didn't enable bd mirror...well, actually don't lie, just tell me the truth

    i'll leave it up and watch tv and cook or something then.

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    nice fixes, wish you best

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    BD - Mirror on

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    I cant get AC3 working. Can someone just let me know how the external/mirror option work? I think i need to make a AS3_ISO folder somewhere. Some help would be nice. ty for you time guys

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    Aww.. Really ? BD-mirror on is annoying. I dont like PS3 folder to be moving.

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    yes really

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    Press X and Select button at the same time ? Hadn't' used the BD-mirror for a long time.

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    i always activate bd mirror on all the games , and ya, i watched a movie while it was installing. it takes a really long time.

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