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  1. #5541
    mcwan Guest
    All these games and eboots! i'm loving it!

    Duplex and unSANE you are kings!

  2. #5542
    kolabi Guest
    having problems with AC3 , it loads up but when it starts and reaches the end of the progress bar it stops at the end, when i press the ps button to exit game it reboots the ps3. i have AC3 duplex version with duplex eboot patch and the assasin_ps3 emty directory.

    can anyone figure out my problem (i have never had any prob. with eboot patches)?

    Thanks in advance

  3. #5543
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Finally we got an "official" Resident Evil 6 eboot patch! Install this one and not the PKGs provided by PropositionJoe nor the old EBOOT patch (although this last worked wonderful for me).

  4. #5544
    azoreseuropa Guest

    Curious... Did the screen tell you to update to 1.02 and you click ignored to continue to play, right ?

  5. #5545
    gross7 Guest
    Sorcery is not working for me too. It hangs at 92% install. Tried with BD-Mirror on and off. Nothing helps.

    I use duplex game and patch. My PS3 is 3.55 Rebug.

  6. #5546
    onibox Guest
    I have the same problem on Darksider 2..(freeze after logos) but i solved! do NOT use eawebkit_stripped.sprx on fix! use the original! Im using on BLES01597-[Darksiders II]!!

  7. #5547
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Something's wrong with Darksiders II USA version with unSane.. After THQ logo then Virgil Logo and screen turn black. At the page 554.. He said the same things as mine. So I am not only one. Something's wrong.

  8. #5548
    kolabi Guest
    sorcery works but takes like 50min from 92% to 100%

  9. #5549
    sawyer85 Guest
    hi, you can upload the original file? eawebkit_stripped.sprx ?

  10. #5550
    xchris5 Guest
    Darksiders 2 works very good bd mirror ON

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