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    This terrible decision:

    1. update to 4.30 rogero CMW (FEAR!)
    2. stay on 3.55 (as DUPLEX idols say )

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    Hi guys

    So I am still having problem with duplex Dishonored game data corruption error, every time when trying to starting new game.
    Did anyone got it working. I am on CFW v2.7.

    Oh and with so many new game getting the cfw fix, i am so happy, keep up the good work.

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    ditch it and goto kmeaw or rebug.

    Anyways, my non prayers to a non existent god have been answered! i got a sorcery patch! i'm so happy. i just feel bad for the japanese gamers now cause i got my game, i just hope they get their games patched.

    oh, a proper mugen souls would be tight if that got patched.

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    Hey cool, i know you've been waiting for Sorcery for a while hope you enjoy it, i sure am.

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    already on rogero 4.30 here so it's all cool, but resigning psn games and dlcs sure is a pain lol

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    persona 4 arena Clandestine US didnt work i'm getting info like this - the game cant be started due to region lock! WTF

    also any1 know how to fix also in spyro skylander? cannot find usb wireless receiver?

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    persona 4 arena is region locked, the first ever ps3 game to get region locked.

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    persona 4 eboot by unsafe cheers

    persona 4 eboot by unsane cheers

    enjoy guys cheers tony

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