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  1. #5501
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    I finally found 5 minutes of peace to play some game. That Dishonored game is awesome.

    Forget about me for few days. My mind is elsewhere now.

  2. #5502
    tulla2010 Guest
    i'm the same prop, I can't put dishonered down, my best game of 2012 by far

  3. #5503
    StanSmith Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by eustahija View Post
    Sorry for my nob previous questions. I founded duplex fix, hope so it working!

    Anyone try unSANE fix on DUPLEX release of Medal of Honor Warfighter?
    Yep, works fine.

  4. #5504
    plamenz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mcwan View Post
    I am having trouble making inversion patch work on 3.55.

    I am doing exactly the same thing as i have done with AC3, nfs mw, medal of honor and dishonored. All the patch files into the usrdir folder. the eboot bin is only 8302 kb in the patch while the original is 3 times larger. Can anybody make inversion work on 3.55?
    just use BD-Mirror Mode in multiMAN and game load/install/play just fine

  5. #5505
    Levyn Guest
    Anyone else having trouble with AC3 freezing at the loading screen after the game data installs? I am using the duplex release and eboot patch on 3.55. If anyone can help enlighten me that would be awesome!

  6. #5506
    JOshISPoser Guest
    did i just read that propjoe is actually a human and plays video games like us?

    my mind has just been blown! i thought he was an android...

  7. #5507
    r2kpr1m3 Guest
    On Assassin's Creed 3, during the end of Sequence 4, I get a white screen but can hear dialog but cannot see what is taking place causing incomplete synchronization...., using Rebug 3.55.2 with patch 0.2. and using the Usane/Duplex reboot 3.55 fix. Anyone getting this error as well


    I also created the ASSASSIN_ISO folder....

  8. #5508
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    That really depends on whether you spoof your system or not. The official check is if your actual/spoof system number is lower than what it stays in the PARAM.SFO (actual game folder or game update folder), you won't even be allow to run the game. You'll be greet with "Pls update your fw" message and just kick back to XMB.

    So you either patch your PARAM.SFO to be same or lower than your current system's version (spoof or not spoof), or spoof your system to be higher version (current, like 4.30, or some other people choose to spoof to 9.99 to avoid update for a long while)

    So for people who is spoof to 9.99, they don't ever need to patch their PARAM.SFO (unless in the far future where Sony does update the system to 9.99... which would rarely occur)
    No, I dont have spoof. I am on 3.41 rebug. No param.sfo edited at all. They works fine including NInja Gaiden 3 and Resident Evil 6.. No param.sfo edited at all.. None.

  9. #5509
    justev Guest
    It has been a great week for CFW, users keep up the great work with all the new fixes for some great titles. Did they ever fix Heavy Fire Afghanistan. Thanks for the links as well

  10. #5510
    mcwan Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by plamenz View Post
    just use BD-Mirror Mode in multiMAN and game load/install/play just fine
    I think BD mirror requires me to put the game on external hdd. I have inversion on my Internal hdd. How can i play inversion on 3.55 kmeaw?

    Seems like it is not the same way as most other games like AC3, NFS MW, medal of honor and so on.

    Has anybody gotten inversion to work on 3.55 kmeaw from internal?

    Thanks in advance.

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