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    JOshISPoser Guest
    i've seen it noted at least once and i find it weird, but when i boot most wanted, it says a system update is required but then lets me push circle. it's not a game update, it's saying software. i mean, if it's patched and works, is that pretty much telling me/us that the game developers are putting that into games?

    fixes usually eliminate that, so i just find it interesting.

  2. #5492
    eustahija Guest
    Sorry for my nob previous questions. I founded duplex fix, hope so it working!

    Anyone try unSANE fix on DUPLEX release of Medal of Honor Warfighter?

  3. #5493
    mcwan Guest
    I am having trouble making inversion patch work on 3.55.

    I am doing exactly the same thing as i have done with AC3, nfs mw, medal of honor and dishonored. All the patch files into the usrdir folder. the eboot bin is only 8302 kb in the patch while the original is 3 times larger. Can anybody make inversion work on 3.55?

  4. #5494
    ronaldyo85 Guest
    please anyone tell me how to make my old psn and pkgs work on rogero 4.21? there are games like house of dead 3 working on 3.55 but i didn't find any fix for 4.21. please any one help me

    Also out today: BORDERLANDS 2 UPDATE 1.02: http://b0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net/t...g?product=0084

  5. #5495
    Shorteee Guest
    eustahija: Duplex had its own fix.

  6. #5496
    JOshISPoser Guest
    you'll probably need to reinstall and i'm not talking from experience either. so, extract the final fix packages and remove the eboot. you should be left with just an edat.

    install it and then, it should work on 4.21. like i said though, i'm not speaking from experience, just my understanding. the fixes replace the eboot to make them 3.55, so you just need the file that makes them activated cause it should just work at that point since the firmware is high enough.

  7. #5497
    jsouza2012 Guest
    Works perfect Medal Of Honor Warfighter on Duplex release!!

    I tested.


  8. #5498
    StanSmith Guest
    Anyone got better links as these are crap. Where are the mediafire or that rhost links?

  9. #5499
    gonzalz9241 Guest
    thank you adding a folder in a usdir, ASSINSSIN_ISO in ac3 work for me external on 355 thanks a lot for all your hard work to all of you

  10. #5500
    shadowXtreme Guest
    So .. Dead or alive 5 is not fixable? and RE ORC neither?

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