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    Sep 2010
    Can't find Ratchet & Clank Trilogy eboot. Is it existing?

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    Ratchet & Clank titles are available to download as a pack or individually from PSN, i don't think that a Retail version is available right now

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    Oct 2012
    i dont have a psn account, i may have to get one though, months ago i saw a game called Amy and wanted it, i've heard nothing since.

    now i find out its because its a psn game only. typical

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    vrobec dont think there is one, just searched & nothing jumped out

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    Now i am on cfw4.21 but where i can all the orginal eboots for my old games?

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    Ratchet and Clank Trilogy HD was released in the PAL territories and is easily available on trackers/sites. It is close to 10 GB but without a fix for 3.55 CFW so far.

    Similarly, Resident Evil Chronicles HD is also available but only in JPN release. The english releases are PSN only.

    Can somebody tell me why PSN is so hard to fix?

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    DarkLordMalik thanks for the hint, I was not aware about that.

    I have found it, it is called Ratchet.And.Clank.Trilogy.PS3-STRiKE and it requires 4.21 FW, and there isn't a 3.55 fix actually

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    Guys, how do you fixed Assassin Creed III duplex eur version with unSANE USA eboot patch? Is it working? And what's with assassin_iso folder?

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    I'm with duplex... DUPLEX recommends staying on 3.55 for now!

    Especially with all the fixes being created GO DUPLEX/3.55 approved.

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