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    I can't get AC 3 work Replace patch files I make an empty folder ASSASSIN_ISO, Select bd mirror in MM. Result Always return in XMB...

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    Nov 2010
    Hello, no news about jet set radio ? thank you in advance.

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    I'm playing AC3 on Rogero 4.21 v. 1.09 with Blade86's resigned Duplex fix. Thanks to everyone for their work!

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    loving all these fixes, still got my fingers x'sed for Darksiders II and Boarderlands II

    thumbs up for all the game fixers, youve made this weekend fantastic so far

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    I completely agree, excellent work everyone

    I am pretty sure that is of the highest priority, not necessary to keep asking for Borderlands 2, it is clear that everyone wants that game to be patched

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    tried for a full day and can't get this and re operation raccoon city to work no matter what i do, hopefully i can find a solution here

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    RE.O.R.C isnt fixed yet, all the 'fixes' out in internetland dont work, so youll have to sit tight im afraid, ive still got dishonered to finish first, oh and all the new fixes to play so im sure you can find something to play too till a working fix comes along

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    It would be cool if someone could ulock the 3 additional preorder maps for Mercenaries (Resident Evil 6). We only have 3 right now...

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    thank you everyone for posting the fix for ACIII i had no idea about the folder that needed to be created yay!

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    I'm new to the scene, but FIFA had an update to 1.02, which I have not tried downloading, but this also means I can't play online. Do I wait for a new eboot to have my fifa working again?

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