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  1. #5451
    privat Guest
    Yes, only wait fix!

  2. #5452
    kolabi Guest
    this problem happened to me with us version blusxxx but it works with bles01675 rip when using the fix

  3. #5453
    ollio Guest
    I tried f1 2012 bd mirror and disc and gives me error.

  4. #5454
    lzyslckr Guest
    Wow 3+ game a day! By this rate Borderlands and Persona will be released soon. Who needs 4.21 when 3.55 is getting better and better.

  5. #5455
    azoreseuropa Guest
    I can't wait for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and Darksiders 2 to be release soon. Those will be my complete games with others.

  6. #5456
    capnemo Guest
    i'm on ofw (original firmware, yes?) 3.55 and wont to jailbreak from there. so i should install kmeaw cfw 3.55 version now?

  7. #5457
    Join Date
    Apr 2005



    I made another Fake patch, to preserve your DISC files & for those on 341/355 CFW.. If you have different region PM me i will make you one, if you want one .. Another Custom Non Official Fake Patch FiX v9.99

    Password - ZOMBIEKILLAH

    Download: BLUS30828-CLICK-FOR.PATCH.FIX

    Edit your disc param.sfo = Install patch & play

    Tested by me & works fine.. These links don't last file host are crap now. So get this if you want it save it / reupload anywhere.. Enjoy

    *unSANE* = PreFix
    *ZOMBIEKILLAH* - FAKE / Converted / Packed

  8. #5458
    kakarotoman Guest
    I can't get the assassins creed 3 duplex fix to work please help

  9. #5459
    nenele84 Guest
    replace the fix files, files in USRDIR ASSASSIN_ISO empty, bd mirror switch.

  10. #5460
    testsubject909 Guest

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