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  1. #5431
    KirasiN91 Guest
    I myself would love a Tokyo Jungle fix. Got a fat ps3 with a lot of reported bricks.

    Might try updating in a week or two, and if there will be PSN access I might try and get it.

  2. #5432
    MohamedBadrawy Guest
    Anyone have the borderland 2 fix 3.55?

  3. #5433
    tulla2010 Guest
    these next few weeks/months are going to be great for the ps3, all games will be fixed/working on all cfw's, we just gotta sit tight and let the people in 'the know' to work their magic.

  4. #5434
    MohamedBadrawy Guest
    Can anyone help with the fix 3.55 for port royale 3?

  5. #5435
    fabiofigo Guest
    Any chance to see Jet Set Radio HD fixed for 3.55? Thanks in advance!

  6. #5436
    lycaneffects Guest
    I can't get the assassins creed 3 duplex fix to work, I have Duplex full game upload I have put the fix in all the right places i have tried both internal and external but the game keeps rebooting back to xmb, I have tried BD mirror on and off as well and nothing. I am on Kmeaw 3.55 and using latest MM. can someone give me some advice on how I can get this working. Please

  7. #5437
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Delete all your game data (if any is present), make sure the game has been properly ripped (or extracted) and that the fix has been properly placed and try again using BD-Mirror after you fix the permissions in the game settings.

  8. #5438
    azoreseuropa Guest
    The Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City doesnt work on 3.41 rebug and 3.55 CFW.. Many people reported it and it doesnt work at all. Please take a look at it and fix it please ? Error on my screen: 80010009. Same people have same errors as mine.

  9. #5439
    MateoGodlike Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MohamedBadrawy View Post
    Can anyone help with the fix 3.55 for port royale 3?
    Yes upload thr param.sfo an eboot.bin to mediafire. And hope it doesnt need sprx patching.

  10. #5440
    lickwidice Guest
    Please will someone help me get FIFA.12.PSN-EXETtrimALL working on CFW 4.21? I followed the instructions and resigned the eboot with the following content-id (EP0006-NPEB00688_00-FIFA12PSNRELEASE), however when I start the game on PS3 it just goes back to XMB.

    Can anyone please help me, or confirm that this is working? I am willing to do the work myself I just need to be pointed to the right direction.

    The regulars like pr0p0sitionJOE, your help here will be greatly appreciated

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