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    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JOshISPoser View Post
    weird. i would have thought with the talk that's going around, you just install journey without a 3.55 patch. maybe he included an edat or something in the fix. he posted one which is now HERE, about 122kb or so. very small.
    And how would game work without license edat fixed if only original game would be installed. You can do it, but you got demo only, not full game.

    With my "small fix" you just install edat fixed. I extracted 3.55 fix and removed fixed eboot. You can do this with every game that got ingame edat fixed. Just include edats, remove all selfs. Done. No resigning needed at all. Except for older games which dont have edats but only eboots as license check. There you have to resign.

    Is that clear, "blacky". Or when you stop by at my house, ask me there if something not clear.

  2. #5422
    fl0PPsy Guest
    Ahhh thanks pr0p0sitionJOE, I think you just gave me a clue on how I can get the Duplex PSN release of Driver San Francisco working again.

  3. #5423
    kaindarkheart Guest
    does anyone know how to make functional the fix for resident evil oprc? because i keep getting an error 8000

  4. #5424
    JOshISPoser Guest
    well, that's what i meant. i wasn't trying to belittle your work, i love your work.

    i meant like there was an edat file in the fix pkg, and clearly you just got removed it.

    thanks for all your work, dude.

  5. #5425
    nenele84 Guest
    salvation by duplex fix ac3 ble 01,667.


    thanks ps-addict.

  6. #5426
    dronza1 Guest
    thank you duplex and unsane for ac3. any chance of a fix for sleeping dogs?

    any chance of nfs most wanted 2 fix just thought i'd ask as ac3 has fix already. enough respect to all the people bring us these fixes

  7. #5427
    HeyManHRU Guest
    All these games will get fixed soon (hopefully ). I just hope WWE '13 gets fixed early this time.

  8. #5428
    iavais Guest
    come on Dead or Alive Fix

  9. #5429
    capnemo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Yourname View Post
    Wait couple more days, there should be REBUG CFW 4.21 or even 4.30
    tell it to my kid... we got a new game, but its wants to upgrade and i shouldn't do that. right?

  10. #5430
    rageagainst1 Guest
    If you are currently on cfw, upgrading to ofw would be a bad idea. So don't do it.

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